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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 30, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we have brian taff and sharrie williams from super bowl headquarters at the mall of america and sara bloomquist is standing by at the minnesota vikings stadium and they are they get ready for the game and buying gears on the streets of
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minneapolis. >> everybody wants something to remember their experience at super bowl lii whether it's a t-shirt hat or jersey but the federal government is taking great pains to beware of what they buy. we got invitedepartment ofity to the quarterers in minno check out the counterfeit goods they seized in the last few days here. millions of dollars already and they expect more in the days to come. although it may seem harmless. they say that buying the bogus stuff it does damage, depriving the local economy of millions of what it depends and much of it going overseas. >> that money is often used to fund criminal organizations from illegal drug organizations and activity like human trafficking as well. they say that at this point you have to be careful it's not just the clothing but plenty of fake tickets in circulation and if
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your plan is to get on a plane and come to minneapolis with the hopes of getting a super bowl ticket the agents say think again. >> that is a terrible idea. that will not happen. the last thing that will happen. the city, the nfl and federal law enforcement we have taken steps way ahead of time to make sure counterfeit tickets will not be sole on game day. if you are in and around the stadium and you see someone kets purchase it, do not buy it. >> if someone is selling tickets it's a virtual guarantee it would be counterfeit. the latest ticket on stubhub in $5600, if you want to spend it you want to make sure you get in the game. that is the story here from the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota. jim back to you. >> thank you. i want to show you brian and
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sharrie a picture of what cold looks and feels like. we are looking at sara bloomquist. who is out with a windchill of 8 degrees. hey sara, tell us about the venue for super bowl lii.>> rep temperatures are no joke, i can tell you that. this stadium as it looms behind me is an impressive place, it's huge and intimate. state of the art. we moved way beyond the football domes of the past. that is all on purpose of course. u.s. bank stadium is in the spotlight sunday night and this place is ready to shine. >> the stage is nearly set, the super bowl is just days away. and minneapolis will get a chance to showcase u.s. bank stadium a unique venue that opened in july of 2016 and built with the super bowl in mind. >> an incredible stadium we think the best the league, a
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tremendous game day environment and game day atmosphere inter nate and loud. >> it cost billion to build and the place has an outdoor field even here in freezing cold s clear. some say it looks like a vikings ship and others a shard of ice. today they put the finishing touches in anticipation of the eagles patriots match-up come sunday. >> it's amazing. all of it comes together and it's so new. and unique this building in general.
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hall says it's prepared and leaving no stone unturned. in the meantime. the police department brass says it is ready for super bowl sunday and beyond. >> we will not let you tear up the city. commissioner rown the law for those that would dare go over the line for celebration. for thuggery and theft.
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move on in handle the situations and we will not tolerate that throughout the city. >> the win will trigger clouds than the nfc win two sundays ago. they suggest motorists say clear of center city because of the crowds that will swarm north broad and frankford and cotman. and massive deployments of uniform officers and plain clothes personnel will be at the various traditional hot spots. >> we'll be ready and out there with a contingent of officers seen by most and make every effort to know we are about business but we are still about the business of allowing people to celebrate as long as it's done peacefully. >> the barricades are located up and down south broad street. and merchants along the way say they would enjoy celebrations but worry about crowds getting
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out of hand. >> i don't want rocks thrown over or cars flipped over and everybody has a good time with it but not too much damage. >> you know, because there is more cops out here now. so they will be out also, if they don't i'm going to maneuver through them and go right back home. >> jim, all of this enthusiasm and anticipation and excitement continues to build. i'm vernon odom, on south broad street. >> our super bowl coverage continues on the 6 abc news app. there you can see how stars of sports and entertainment are cheering on the birds and read stories about how eagles fans are coming together across the area. word out of washington tonight. that president trump will try to push bipartisan and tout an expanding economy during his first state of the union speech. rawlins.action news" reporter
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the president loves to tout wall street's great record over the past year but the dow lost 360 days since trump took office. inconvenient timing for the president? >> you think? yes, of course it's inconvenient meaning a bit embarrassing but the president will tout the fact that he had a 75 point runyon. and the bipartisan one area that is expected in is in infrastructure plan and some democrats including the senior about what will be offering by the white house. >> we don't need i corporate give away infrastructure bill like the tax bill. you need a real american infrastructure bill a goal to create $15 million jobs that is
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what our side proposes. >> they say that a bold infrastructure plan could benefit the philadelphia region citing to expansion items on septa's to do list. >> we can look at the norristown extension to king of prussia and down to the navy yard and all of those things would expand the regional economy. and republican congressman ryan costello expecting an up beat economic message from the president tonight and hopes that mr. trump will stay on that mess an and avoid any incendiary tweets. >> i say okay we are headed in the right direction and that was a good speech and a day or two later you get a tweet or something that gets us off the rails away from what was a good starting point. >> well, you can watch the president's speech tonight the state of the union on 6 abc he'll give that speech at 9:00 p.m. we'll be back at 11:00 on "action news" with a live report and a recap on how that speech
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played out on capitol hill. live in washington, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police believe that the man they are questioning in connection with a double homicide is in fact the gunman. shots rang out at a home on the 1200 block of greenly street last night. 66-year-old addyline hill and daughter were shot death and the daughter's 39 answered the door when officers arrived. >> they all lived there together a mother and daughter and the boyfriend of the daughter a 39-year-old we are holding for questioning at this point. >> police are not looking for any other suspects at this time. and a weapon was recovered inside of the home. coming up on "action news" tonight. the debate over philadelphia beverage tax is headed back to court. and ducis rogers and brian westbrook are covering the eagles live in minnesota.
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>> reporter: jim, coming up brian westbrook has an exclusive one-on-one interview with head , doug peterson. >> you guys should stay in the mall it's getting colder in minnesota. as far as us we are drying out after a little bit of that snow. a coating to inch. and i'm tracking two more chances of snow including super bowl sunday. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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the fire in woodbury
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gloucester county claimed the life of an elderly man. they were called at 7:30 this morning and when crews arrived they found a man in a second floor bedroom and he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. firefighters went door-to-door in north philadelphia today. they were on the 2200 block of north colorado street making sure that residents had smoke detecters and anyone that needed one received one on the spot. earlier this month a fire on this block claimed the lives of a read and fire captain matthew letourneau. and the philadelphia beverage tax is the subject in court. they will hear an appeal by the beverage association. they arguing that the tax cut sales and forces layoffs and mayor kenney says that the tax is crucialing for funding pre-k
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education and that took effect last january and commonwealth court upheld it in june. after months of hard work hub of hope is finally ready to open. a ribbon cutting ceremony held today at the 11,000 square foot facility at the concourse. sister mary worked with that and other organizations including jon bon jovi soul foundation to make it a reality. starting tomorrow the city's homeless can take advantage of a number of services and the ultimate goal it to get them off the streets.
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nick foles getting personal and emotional today. the whole world is counting on nick foles and his biggest concern is a 7-month-old not necessarily a super bowl. nick foles says he is not only playi playing 52 for the eagles and the fans but his baby daughter
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lily. he wants her to grow up and be proud of her daddy. the eagles are determined to win any way humanly possible. live is ducis rogers and former great brian westbrook who played in the eagles last super bowl. >> that was 13 years ago and a lot riding on this game come sunday. how impressed were you with doug peterson getting to this point. >> you deal with the injuries and darren sproles and hicks and all the guys he lost throughout the season and everyone doubted him but they found a way to win. they are 13-3 and find a way to blowout the minnesota vikings with the best defense in the league and win the nfc championship game and playing in the super bowl in his sec year without the mvp candidate carson wentz. he has done a great job. >> he spotted you and big hug
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between you and the coach and then you got the coach for an exclusive one-on-one. >> coach, you are turning 50 tomorrow. >> oh thank you. >> as a reminder. sec year in the nfl as a head coach your team is playing in the super bowl how does it feel. >> this feels great this is what we work for and go to ota's for and one thing to be excited to be here but we understand that it's unfinished business. >> your guys played awesome in the playoffs, how confident are you in this football team? >> really confident and our guys are confident it's what it takes this time of year and you have to play with that kind of swagger. >> i have been the the super bowl before and in the game and how do you keep your guise focused and ready. >> and there are distractions this week with the media obligations and families can come in town and pull in a bunch of different directions and my job is to make sure when we are
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working we are working and stay on task and stay focused on the opponent and make sure we are doing our jobs and what is the biggest part of this week. >> good luck coach. >> thanks. >> reporter: high stakes coming up on sunday. how relaxed is coach peterson? >> he is very relaxed and comfortable with his team and understand where they have been and where they are going. and he has confidence in the team. >> coach is trying to win it for this team and all the teams that came before him. tom brady is the oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history and brady is asking his former team meats lagarret blunt and cross long to take it easy on him. >> i have a ton of respect for him and hope he doesn't hit me too hard if he gets a shot. hopefully he respects his elders and lagarret, i love lagarret
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and we keep in touch and exchange text massages and so happy for him. >> i guess 40 in the nfl is the new 80. take it easy on your elders. >> thank you. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. this winter in the state with more ski mountains
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we have the forecast and activity in the sky. >> a super blood blue moon tomorrow morning. a lunar trifecta happening and the skies are clearing out in time. lets go live on sky 6 hd taking a look at penn's landing where
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we have lingering clouds and the snow is out of here a coating to an inch and clouds are clearing out tonight and what we have first of all is a super moon and the moon is close toward earth if it's orbit and a blue moon because it's the second full moon in the calendar month. and also for north america we have a total lunar eclipse. it's when the sun and earth and moon is aligned and the sun rays are blocked by the earth and just the outer fringes get by and this cast the red hue on the moon. now here it's not total. it's partial. but we will be able to see it tomorrow morning. got to get up early and look to the western horizon at 6:45 and since it's partial. the whole moon won't be red but there is a reddish hue on the side of the moon and it doesn't last long and the moon is setting at 7:10 and the skies will be clearing in time for this and people on the west
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coast see a total loon or eclipse. and the wins are gusting strong behind the news an snow event and winds gusting 24 to almost 40 miles per hour. and the good fuse with that, it will dry out a lot of the roads and the bad news is, it make its feel like this, windchill 18 in philadelphia and 14 if allentown and 18 in cape may and wilmington 16 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the last of the snow flurries working off the the coast and be careful of roads that are wet, and patches of black ice. 13 in allentown and cape may 22 degrees. tomorrow we start the day with sun and increasing high clouds and toe's high 38 and tomorrow only 35 degrees and then we have another system on the way. that moves in late on thursday, ahead of it we get a wind out of the south. so the high up to mild 49 degrees and rain moves in late
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thursday night and then friday very early in the morning it will change over to snow. future tracker 6 showing 10:00 thursday night we have the rain in place and the wee hours of the morning the colder air moving in at 4:00 and the change over to snow should be out of here by day break and could get a grassy coating to an inch and slippery roads on friday. and the potential for another event on super bowl sunday. and the exclusive accuweath the high own 35 degrees and thursday mild and 49 and rainly friday morning the snow and then grown hog day blustery and morning and temper dropping and saturday the high only 31 degrees and increasing clouds and super bowl sunday, it looks like rain and snow in the afternoon howuc quickly low pressure can track
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along the coast and catch up le over flurries and 36 and tuesday in case we have a parade. partly sunny and dry and cold and 38 degrees and the best scenario for sunday night would be late sun to have a two hour delay on monday so they can sleep in. >> keep you posted. >> abc world news tonight is next with david muir on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 with brian taff, sharrie williams and adam joseph and ducis rogers. and then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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. tonight, breaking news from washington. the president set to address the nation. and on capitol hill at this secretemo now in f over the trump's hands. written by republicans in the house, a classified memo on the russia investigation, criticizing the fbi. democrats pouncing tonight. what they now want. and when will the public see it? meantime, president trump's first state of the union address, just hours away now. it will be on the economy and on jobs. but tonight, what the president will not talk about. and what he told me today about unifying the country. the deadly flu emergency in this country, and new concerns tonight about the high demand for tamiflu, used to fight the virus. families scrambling to find it. one pharmacy selling 100 bottles in just an hour.
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